Thursday, 4 November 2010


The Dancing Tiger: After making hundreds of cuttings from magazines and newspapers, I began to put together a few compositions involving the mix of animal and human body parts. I liked the stance of this figure. The footballers arms opened wide originally reminded me of a bird with it's wings spread open. The mixture of animal heads and human bodies are often seen in religious/historic gods like Ancient Egypt. I scanned both sides of this piece and repeated the images either side of one another. This has created movement in the figure.

I think it's missing something.


Transcription: Lucian Freud - Frank Auerbach

Transcription: Lucian Freud - Woman with an Arm Tattoo

Self Portrait - Fine line Pen, Marker Pen and Coffee

Dad - Photograph, Acrylic and Ink.
Life Drawing Class - Black and White Acrylic